About Ollivier Corporation



Ollivier Corporation has 25 years as a leader in the security industry, delivering what is promised by providing modern solutions, consistent customer service, and thorough communication. 


Ollivier (pronounced oh-liv'eeay) Corporation has designed and implemented hundreds of electronic security systems for companies and agencies throughout Southern California. In the mid-1980s, Ollivier introduced Southern California businesses to the new electronic access control and video surveillance systems. Ollivier has been an innovative leader in the industry ever since and has distinguished itself by becoming one of the first resellers of Lenel’s software-based access control system that runs on Microsoft Windows. Ollivier Corporation continues its leadership by introducing digital video surveillance systems and IP card readers that interoperate with Lenel and Windows. 


Ollivier Corporation is a network engineering company that provides physical security solutions. It is a locally-owned, regionally-dedicated, independent security advisor, integrator, and value-added reseller. We maintain a clear vision of security systems and processes integrating across such departmental lines as IT, physical security, facilities management, HR, and Legal. Ollivier Corporation is committed to using new technology to align its security solutions with the business goals of its customers. Ollivier solutions are more than defensive measures to wall off the "bad guys;” Ollivier engineers security solutions to function as sensors, providing early alerts about changes in security conditions. 



Our Solutions

  • Correlate and analyze movement in the video field
  • Assess movement between buildings and departments
  • Interoperate with activity on the network, such as time and attendance, and emergency management programs, such as disaster recovery and crisis management
  • Alert with pinpoint precision

Ollivier security solutions are always aligned with your business strategy and specific needs, thereby adding not only protection, but also value to your shareholders and your brand.


Ask an Ollivier professional to explain how we protect assets and increase value.



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