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For government agencies with aging facilities, the combination of a lack of networking between various structures and a need for increased building and employee safety has made an agency-wide security solution a high priority for many organizations.


One challenge faced by many government agencies is creating a solution that can encompass a large variety of facility types—from detention centers to power sub-stations to administrative buildings. Many agencies face not only the huge task of bringing diverse facilities onto one security system, but also budget challenges demanding that the system deliver "the most bang for the buck."

The first step is to recognize that a global solution for employee protection and facility safety should be an integral part of developing your business plan and budgeting system. Multiple departments, such as facilities, risk management, human resources, and others, can benefit from a well-designed security system.

Ollivier offers solutions that have been proven to be effective in government facilities of all sizes and types. By carefully assessing individual facility needs and taking budget and time deadlines into account, Ollivier successfully works with many public agencies to provide security solutions that meet all of their specific needs.


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