Are you a healthcare professional? The compliance and security requirements in healthcare have never been more intense. Yet the need to control costs has never been more important. Ollivier understands your industry.


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As technology advances and regulations regarding the security of personal records and information are extended, healthcare facilities face many security concerns.

As an effective way to counteract these privacy, safety and security issues, many hospitals, clinics, and research facilities have begun to see the benefits of an enterprise-level security solution. These solutions include video monitoring, identity authentication, smart cards, and more, and protect everything from employees in the parking lot to records in the office to newborn babies.

Ollivier works with many leading healthcare facilities and understands the unique needs and concerns associated with this industry. Our experience working with healthcare organizations provides a deep understanding of the issues facing hospitals and clinics today, and we can show you the benefits that can be gained from a complete security solution.


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