Making a Difference

Our customers select us for the difference that creates long-term relationships and lasting value.

"Our customers select us for the differences that add value…makes their job easier and provides solutions not available elsewhere"


Ollivier is proud to serve several hundred organizations* such as:


  • Five U.S. Post Office Processing and Distribution Centers
  • Several City of Los Angeles agencies
  • Department of Defense Reserve Base
  • Federal Substance Control Agency
  • State Conservation Agency
  • Southern California Colleges
  • A Credit Union with several hundred thousand members
  • Southern California Transportation Authority
  • Tourism Board for a Foreign Country
  • Regional Airport
  • Professional Sports Team
  • Property Management Companies
  • Automobile Insurance Company
  • Acclaimed Cancer Hospital
  • Law Firm
  • Health Insurance Company
  • Top 3 Title Company
  • Top 2 Ticket Purveyor
  • Aircraft Manufacturing company
  • Large Private University and Medical School
  • Large HMO with Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings and Business Offices
  • …and many more


*It is Ollivier's practice to withhold
the names of the organizations
that are our clients.