Ollivier Corporation is led and managed by trusted, successful, expert security professionals.


Joel Rakow, Ed.D., – Chairman

Joel Rakow, Ed.D., distributes his time as Chairman of Ollivier Corporation, and ActivAdmin, the world’s leading provider of online training for administrators of security systems and other building systems, and Partner at Fortium Partners where Dr. Rakow provides CIO services, including executive leadership for  cybersecurity matters, to companies in North America  and Mexico.  Joel is one of a very few executives with expertise in both physical security and cybersecurity.  He is a former Technology Leadership Partner at Tatum Partners, where he founded the eCrimes and Risk Management Practice. Dr. Rakow is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) IT Security Council, a former advisor to the Secret Service and the Los Angeles Electronic Crimes Task Force, an active member of the FBI Infraard, the security representative of the Adobe Software’s Advisory Council, and a member of the Receivers Team for the State Courts of California. He has held such titles as Chief Technology Officer (six years) and President and CEO (seven years) in highly successful national organizations, along with Assistant to the President of a publicly traded company that secures communications between the US Dept. of Defense and the White House and Chairman of the IT Steering Committee for an international public company. He is the architect of the national security plan for Danone’s Water Division and the data security plan for a $5B global manufacturer and marketer. He has over 15 years of information systems and software development experience. He has established over 40 commercially successful application software programs and has won numerous industry awards including Microsoft Partner of the Year (1998), PC World Best Product of the Year (three consecutive years), and Great Plains Implementation of the Year (2001). Major consulting clients include Northrop Grumman, Texas Instruments, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Department of Transportation, CAMICO Mutual Insurance Company, Food Marketing Institute, SSP Litronic, BankBoston, Pacific Healthcare,, LifeMasters, Planetwide Games, and the World Shoe Association, nearly all of which addressed security and risk management solutions. He is a Harvard University and National Science Foundation fellow, and was on the faculty for the Los Angeles Police Department’s Law Enforcement and Private Security 2003 conference. Dr. Rakow delivers several presentations a year at national and international conferences, business meetings, and technical seminars on corporate strategies for risk management in the age of electronically-stored information and the Internet.


Louis Boulgarides, President and Chief Operating Officer

Louis provides executive leadership over both sales and operation for Ollivier, and coordinates both short-term and long-term strategy for the Company.  Louis brings over 25 years industry experience to Ollivier.  Louis began his career in the security industry as a security officer, and held positions as Security Director, General Manager, and Senior Regional Vice President for the guard division with Universal Services of America. In 2008, Louis transitioned to lead Universal’s systems business as both Division President and National Vice President of Sales. Under the Louis, Universal’s Systems Division represented and supported Lenel, AMAG, CCure, S2, Brivo and other access platforms, Sony, Panasonic, Avigilon, Axis and other camera lines, Open Eye, Exacq, ONSSI, Genetec and other VMS’s, Sure View, IDV and other PSIM’s. Louis’ primary focus was on Managed Services, and he oversaw 200% growth in Destination Dispatch, Managed Security as a Service, Video as a Service, and Central Station / Call Center Operations. He is the designer and leader of multiple Managed Services Centers, RSOC’s and GSOC’s.  Louis is well known and respected by the ownership and management of many of the most prominent high rise office buildings in California.  Louis earned his Bachelor of Science degree from USC and an MBA degree in Finance from Cal Poly Pomona. He also holds a CPP certificate for the security industry, a C10 contractor’s license and is a Qualified Manager for a licensed ACO Alarm Company.


Diosdado "Dave" Balcorta, Jr. – Co-Founder, Vice President

Dave leads the Engineering group at Ollivier Corporation with responsibility for all designs and hardware configurations. Dave manages a group of computer science and electrical engineers and has over 15 years of experience in this position within the company. In 1987, he joined Sonitrol, an alarm and access control company in the Bay Area owned by Jim Ollivier. Here, Dave received training and certification for a number of access control systems such as Del Norte, Control Systems International, Radionics, Lenel, and many others. In 1989, Dave and Jim relocated the company to Los Angeles, changing the Company's name to what you see today. Prior to his career in security, Dave specialized in electronics. He attended college in automotive electronics after a year of electronics training with the Navy ROTC program.


Jim Ollivier – Co-Founder, Advisor

Jim Ollivier co-founded what is now known as Ollivier Corporation in 1986, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to that time, he managed Sonitrol alarm central stations in Toledo, OH. As that business grew, he relocated to California to build Sonitrol central alarm stations in Northern California (San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View, and Contra Costa County). He received a commendation from the San Jose Police Department for setting up a sting operation that enabled them to monitor the activities of a drug smuggling operation. The opportunity for expansion sparked the move to Southern California, after taking over another company in the area. Today, he remains Co-founder of and Advisor to Ollivier.


Ron Wiliams, Board of Advisors

While dedicating 22 years to the United States Secret Service, Ron Williams has had the opportunity to work in and supervise all divisions of the SS Treasury department in the Los Angeles Field Office. Gaining a wealth of security expertise and a highly regarded reputation within Federal Law Enforcement, he decided to start Talon Executive Services, Inc., a corporate security and investigations company. As a Secret Service Agent, Ron supervised the credit card and financial fraud squad, the counterfeit squad, and the elite Counter Assault Team (CAT) to combat terrorism. As the Lead Advance Agent, he was responsible for all advance security plans and logistics coordination for Presidential, Vice-Presidential, and foreign heads-of-state visits to Los Angeles. He personally protected Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, as well as such noted dignitaries as Queen Elizabeth, Yitzhak Shamir, and Pope John Paul, and was named the recipient of numerous awards including the United States Secret Service Director’s Award for Special Achievement on eight separate occasions. Focusing on the company he founded in 1994, Talon Executive Services, Inc., Ron has created a highly advanced team of former Secret Service and F.B.I. agents, as well as other federal, state, and local law enforcement officers. Threat assessment and physical site surveys performed by Talon include public transportation, entertainment, and pharmaceutical venues. As a RAM-w certified agent, he performs threat assessments and develops remedial measures for water districts, identified as one of the nation’s most critical infrastructures. As a result of his expertise in the field of anti-terrorism, Ron was asked by the California Gubernatorial delegation in 2002 to meet with Tom Ridge regarding homeland security. His association with AFAUSSS (Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service), ASIS (American Society of Industry Security), ATAP (Association of Threat Assessment Professionals), American Water Works Association (AWWA), and Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA), to name a few, keeps him at the forefront of all matters involving security and threat assessment. He is also an active member of the FBI’s InfraGard program, U.S. State Department Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC), and OCPST (Orange County Private Sector Terrorist Response). Ron frequently appears on national news channels and shows as a security analyst and terrorism expert. He was also the keynote speaker at the 1999 Alabama Governor’s Conference on Violence in the Workplace Prevention, has made presentations to the California Association of Water Agencies including a White Paper, and continues to educate organizations on various security issues through specialized seminars and training.


Erick Herring, Board of Advisors

Former Director of Physical and Data Security at Zenith Insurance, and currently VP of Engineering and Operations at, Ollivier Board of Advisor
Erick has been involved in Internet software development, product development, and security management since the first commercial applications were available online. Prior to joining Adapt, Erick held executive positions in companies providing web-based services, such as Digital Evolution, LRN, Full Moon Interactive, Danish Technology Institute, and the Aalborg University Library. Over the past 20 years, Erick has been responsible for creating a unified management structure for all security and privacy initiatives for a billion-dollar workers' compensation insurance company, designing the security architecture for service-oriented architecture management products, managing design, development, and operations for a vendor of compliance solutions to 75 companies in the Fortune 100, and building innovative technology groups that brought clients to the Internet as early as 1987.