System Integrations



There are three types of integrations that Ollivier encounters: 

One: is the integration of typical security functions such as adding video surveillance to access control.  Or, adding visitor management to one or both of those functions, or adding intrusion detection or fire, life, safety systems.  This first type of integration is common to almost every project we perform.  This was not true five or six years ago.  A second integration type is combining one or more security systems such as Lenel and DSX or Lenel and SoftwareHouse.  These tend to require middleware software.  Finally, the third type of integration is adding combining one or more security systems into an aggregated system.  This often results in the loss of down-stream management and control, although it does typically result in upstream consolidated data the describes events that have taken place.  The third type of integration is security systems with other building systems such as building automation or building systems such as HVAC or lighting.   Once common protocols are agreed upon, this third type of integration can provide good benefits to our customers.