Ollivier Provides Cybersecurity Protocol

The largest distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks in the history of the World Wide Web occurred during the months of September and October 2016.  It is ironic that these attacks were accomplished using the very same security systems devices installed for the purpose of increasing security.  The attackers accomplished their mission by subverting video traffic for hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras and directing that data to a target web site.  The overwhelming amount of data simply exceeded the target site’s capacity to process the data.  The result is the web site became unresponsive to all others.


In 2013, Ollivier was forward thinking enough to implement a cybersecurity protocol as part of every project and service call.  The initial protocol has been updated to include three different levels, ranging from single site locations, to multiple site customers and to customers with bona fide enterprise systems.  The cybersecurity protocol is provided free of charge.  Dr. Rakow, Ollivier’s former President and now Chairman, states, “We are fortunate to be engaged by our customers’ to enhance their security and protect their assets, whatever they may be.  We strive to be diligent and avoid adding to our customers’ vulnerabilities, which can happen in today’s world of cyberattacks.  I personally spend a material amount of effort focusing on cybersecurity and applying what I learn to continually improve our Cybersecurity protocol.  In the near future we expect to be able to further improve on this protocol by offering software-based malware sensors, installed on every security system device with an IP address, and thereby detect the presence of not just malware but also behavior of the device that is outside of normal parameters.  Such behavior will send an alert that automatically sequesters the device being attacked.  This will create time for remediation before the device can be used to create mischief or worse.  At Ollivier, we believe this is the future of security, where physical security and cybersecurity are now and forever intertwined.  Ollivier is among the leaders in the industry to provide this protection to our customers.”


Dr. Rakow recently became a Partner at Fortium Partners, where he provides CIO and CISO services focused on cybersecurity and physical security matters.  Fortium Partners is a national consulting organization comprised of more than 100 CIO’s and CTO’s who have held C-level positions with prominent regional, national and international organizations.