Alarm Intrusion Systems



Alarms systems represent the origins of electronic security systems.  They continue to be integral to a comprehensive security system, especially a system that integrates physical and data security.  Ollivier Corporation seamlessly integrates alarm systems for intrusion monitoring with card access, CCTV and other building systems.  This integration is cost effective, making the installatoin less expensive to own and manage.


As a business owner, you have a constant concern for security. And for good reason, because the FBI estimates that American businesses lose more than $100 billion per year to theft!


Ollivier Corp. can design a custom Security System for your home or business. We offer an almost unlimited number of Security and Monitoring options to meet the needs of any sized facility.


Ollivier Corp. can protect you and your business from the devastating losses that come with such theft. Many of the problems, we have found, are due to businesses relying on outmoded equipment that is little match for the sophisticated threats of today.


Contact us for a free consultation, and you may well discover that Ollivier will be able to equip you with a new, state-of-the-art system that will cost less than what you now have, even as it provides you with a level of anti-theft security you have never had before!