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Ollivier Corporation is an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the world's leading Windows-based card access control system, Lenel OnGuard. At Ollivier, we specialize in controlling access of mid-size to very large organizations. This specialization often entails integrating card access, CCTV, network video, intrusion systems, smartcard or HR databases (via directory services such as Active Directory), and alarm systems. We are unique in that we address both the organizational issues as well as the systems themselves. We are experts at helping physical security organizations establish strong working relationships with IT, and subsequently demonstrating to IT the leadership that is available and needed from physical security personnel. Whatever your card access needs, Ollivier has a tailored approach, the technical skills, and the products to meet your them, as well as your operational requirements on your schedule and budget.


With over 40,000 installations in over 90 countries and a track record of performance that leads the industry, OnGuard is the PROVEN smarter security solution. Today, we're advancing our benchmark-unified experience for unsurpassed integrated access control and video management. 92 of the Fortune 100 companies utilize Lenel products, a profound testament to our reliability, trusted reputation, and continuously innovative solutions.


Ollivier also supports a few, select access control systems such as Storage Management System, S2 Security Corporation, RedCloud, and others.


Use Lenel's On Guard system with mobile devices including smartphones and tablets that utilize Android and iOS


In terms of OPEN architecture, Lenel pioneered the "open" concept for security solutions. Ollivier initiated the Open Access Alliance Program in 1998 because we knew then, as we know now, that open systems deliver greater value. Today we continue to advance our capabilities to allow you achieve maximum integration flexibility in every aspect – from video management, configuration from a single UI, and operating systems databases, to hardware to IP networks and beyond. In a nutshell: Ollivier provides seamless integration solutions of Lenel's OnGuard system aimed at providing the utmost value to its customers. Contact an Ollivier Security Systems Specialist to learn more about current packages to fit your business needs.