Video Surveillance Solutions





Ollivier Corporation has designed, configured, installed, and now maintains almost a hundred Video Surveillance Solutions (VSS) using high-resolution, fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras, dual color by day, black and white at night cameras, license plate recognition cameras, high-end specialty cameras, housings, mounts, matrix switches, joystick controls, digital video recorders, monitors, and more. One common example of VSS can be found in the food service industry and other retail organizations: by tying their VSS to their transaction server, these businesses can closely monitor cash drawer activity each time it opens.


Advantages of Video Surveillance

Cameras are used to monitor areas that may require surveillance in order to be protected from burglars or criminals, especially when no one is present on a particular property. Video surveillance can also provide home security and peace of mind for you and your family. If your house or business has a particularly secluded entrance you may feel it necessary to have a camera surveying the area. However, many burglaries are committed by opportunists when a house is vacant, even if the owners are away on holiday or just at work for the day.


Video systems are no longer considered an expensive, luxury item, only available to those who can afford them. Today they are reasonably priced and considered a good investment, especially when you consider the increased level of security they provide. With a VSS in operation, you will feel safe and protected within your commercial or domestic property.


This method of security relies on three basic components: cameras, monitors, and storage. The cameras are linked and can be watched by someone such as a security guard, depending on the resources available. Recording devices used in VSS are usually equipped with drives to store the recorded information, and the length of stored recordings is dependent on the capacity of the storage device, i.e. drive, NAS, and SANS. Recorded Video is usually retained for a certain length of time but not forever.


Types of VSS Available

Cameras are now very sophisticated. They can be analog or IP, overt or hidden, and some styles are incredibly discreet. However, if they are visible, they will likely act as a further deterrent to potential intruders. One of the advantages of a VSS is that it can be used both inside and outside a building. This means that assets can be protected wherever they are located. Additionally, recorded video can be highly useful as evidence in criminal cases.

When it comes to implementing systems, it’s best to go with a skilled, professional, company with a positive, long-standing reputation. When you hire Ollivier, you can trust that you’re in good hands. We discern, design, and install the specific VSS you need (which we’ve been doing successfully for large and small-scale organizations, homes, and businesses for years) so you can be assured of effective security. Ollivier has the experience and expertise you need to feel confident about the installation of your VSS and the state of your improved security.


IP-Based Cameras

IP cameras are at the forefront of Ollivier Corporation’s specialty of integrating physical and data security systems. We design, install, and service IP-based camera solutions to solve business problems and create pro-active security measures. Ollivier configures all its IP-based cameras to your specific network capacity, standards, and needs/requirements.

IP is Today's Standard

IP systems offer higher image quality than analog systems, and allow you to experience higher resolution when recording and viewing. For enterprise level applications, you can easily expand systems, as there are no physical input limitations on IP recording devices. All you have to do is simply add licenses to add cameras.

Larger IP projects will often deliver a reduction in overall installation cost, as the cameras can operate over existing network infrastructures, which eliminates the costly labor involved in pulling thousands of feet of cabling. IP systems are also designed for multi-site management, which makes monitoring remote locations easier and more efficient.

10 Reasons IP Technology Works for You

IP video systems are software driven, and have easy to use menus with simple yet robust user interfaces.

1. Easy to Use

IP video systems are software driven, have easy to use menus with simple robust user interfaces.

2. Higher Resolution

IP cameras are digital end to end, and use progressive scanning to make full use of camera imaging. IP is also available with Megapixel cameras, delivering super-high-resolution real-time video.

3. Lower Cable Cost

IP cameras can transmit video, audio, and power on a single network cable. This results in significant savings for your home or business, no matter how big or small.

4. Future Advancement

Like computers and other network devices, IP gear is easily updated for new capabilities and compatibility as technology advances.

5. Streamlining & Efficiency

IP systems can easily alert you by sending live video to laptops or even cell phones for immediate review. This functionality can also be used for non-security applications, such as customer service, deliveries, workflow monitoring, and more.

6. Intelligence

IP video systems encrypt your data to ensure your complete privacy, eliminating the need for expensive fiber optic cables.

7. Secure Transmissions

IP video systems encrypt your data to ensure your complete privacy, eliminating the need for expensive fiber optic cable.

8. Reliable and Redundant

IP systems leverage decades of technical evolution to deliver proven reliability. IP video systems can be easily set up to store video at multiple remote locations to ensure security against intruders and theft.

9. System Integration

IP video systems can easily integrate with your alarm systems and lighting, as well as environmental and access controls. Additionally, IP video systems are increasingly compatible across multiple manufacturers.

10. Infinite distance

IP cameras can be accessed, managed, and recorded via Internet whether you’re across the room or across the world. Of course, as with any new technology, there’s a learning curve to taking the IP leap. However, as prices continue to become more competitive and your properties and assets require more security, we highly recommend that you take the time to learn this new technology and start to leverage the many advantages of IP Video Surveillance Solutions.