Critical Communication


When communication is critical and a message must be delivered, allow Ollivier to provide you with the same intercom system used in Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C, Beijing Capital International Airport, The Federal Reserve Bank, the Louvre Museum, and the CNN Center in Atlanta.


When choosing a communication system for demanding environments, such as security events, important criteria includes supervision of devices, auditable transactions, message queuing and ranking, recordings, and seamless integration of security devices. With speed and reliability being vital operational elements, nothing is faster or more reliable than a single intercom system integrated with security applications such as CCTV, audio, access control, two-way radio, and mass notification.


Ollivier designs and builds advanced VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication systems, connecting the control room with voice and audio. The Control Room gets access to telephone, public address, and radio systems, as well as intercom stations at doors, gates, and emergency points. Calls are queued with priority rankings, making it easy for the operator to efficiently respond to alarms and events, while large, high-contrast displays with backlight provide excellent readability.


Ollivier effectively and successfully enables tracking, controlling, and responding to events because all data generated is interfaced and controlled from a single point, with centralized control over an entire security system through control room stations, PC-based control-handler software, and interfacing to third-party management systems such as CCTV, IP and PBX telephony, radios, DECT telephones, public address, and access control.