Video Recording & Management


Digital video systems are becoming the standard, replacing CCTV.  They are reliable, cost effective and can address almost any security application. Digital video or I.P. has the added capability of being able to integrate with card access and the computer network.  Digital video recording systems are key elements forming the road to convergence.


For complete home and office surveillance, a multi-channel DVR kit is the best solution. In these camera systems, the DVR acts like the brain, taking all of the information (video) collected by the camera peripherals and organizing them in one central place. From the DVR you can set up monitors to view the video live, much like a CCTV system, or you can store the video to be viewed later. Multi-channel DVR systems have countless options, and can be completely customized based on whatever you're looking to monitor. DVRs are customizable based on number of inputs, usually working in units of 4. It's not uncommon to find a security DVR that can handle up to 8 cameras, but Ollivier can assist from 1 up to 16 cameras!


Many multi-channel DVR systems are wireless, and will transmit your video to your DVR via your WiFi or IP network. These wireless home security camera systems are also ideal for business monitoring, and require much less setup than wired systems. Another added benefit of a wireless security system or aWiFi security camera is the fact that oftentimes you're able to stream your video over your computer remotely, or even directly to your smartphone.



Software Available for your Desired Platform: (MAC/PC/Tablet/Ipad)

DVR management software that enables you to connect to and control a remote Samsung DVR on your PC via the network. With this tool, you can access Samsung DVRs anywhere around the world via the network, and check the video data from the connected cameras. You can also search for and play recording data in the DVR on a remote site, which will be an effective and convenient monitoring system. See the list of supported DVRs below.


Some Features of Ollivier DVR systems:
  • (Best image quality and no mosaic in Playback at small data size)
  • Simultaneous Record/Search/Ethernet
  • Easy Back-up (CDRW, Ethernet)
  • More Efficient and Stable compression of still and moving image
  • Advanced remote monitoring and search through internet
  • Real-Time Display
  • Multi-language Supportable
  • Easy Upgrade(CDRW, USB2.0)
  • Easy and Convenient High Speed Search with
  • Diverse Back-up (CDRW, Conventional VCR, Ethernet)
  • PAL/NTSC Auto-detection
  • Easy P/T/Z Control
  • Password Protection
  • VGA Output supportable (PC CRT, TFT Monitor)
  • No pre-formatting HDD required
  • Easy to use GUI(Graphic User Interface)
  • Digital Zoom
  • Application: Bank, Apartment, House, Casino, Airport, Military, Jewelry Store, Hospital, Parking Lot, Department Store, etc