Intelligent Video


Video intelligence represents new functionality that was not available until recently and allows you to get more from your security budget. Intelligent video enables you to make the same security staff more efficient, more pro-active, and more productive in protecting both people and assets. With Intelligent Video, you can identify threats in advance and then pro-actively filter real-time video to detect, classify, and monitor events and activities that constitute potential threats. Moreover, you can combine Intelligent Video with card access and computer network activity to triangulate all of these events and identify an emerging threat. We like to think of this as video-centric security intelligence.


A.I. Security 101

Referred to as "Intelligent Video Surveillance" or "Intelligent Scene Analysis," video analytics employs algorithms and vector partitioning to detect unexpected movement or unusual behavior that may pose a threat to people, property, and infrastructure. The software filters and interprets data captured by CCTV cameras in circumstances where a human observer would struggle to assess developments as they arise. The analysis can be performed in real-time or retrospectively in playback for evidential purposes. Real-time messages for potential risks or situations requiring attention can take the form of audible and visual alarms, on-screen alerts, SMS messaging, and direct communication with emergency services.

Audio and video analytics can now be combined

Common scenarios observed by analytics suites include border security, abnormal pedestrian or vehicular motion, suspect packages, platform suicide, and many forms of street crime, as well as other behaviors that deviate from social norms. Such deviation may include prostitution, kerb crawling, drug dealing, and trackside intrusion.


Scene analysis providers have built up a flexible core of behavioral algorithms to create numerous generic and client-specific alarm triggers. These modern functions can cover many complex needs, while also addressing something as simple as surveillance of a sterile zone. In addition to the scenarios described above, usage can include prevention of ATM surfing, graffiti, vandalism, tailgating, loitering, theft of museum artifacts, and station or stadium overcrowding.


Combating operator fatigue

A principal benefit of video analytics is that it removes the problem of operator fatigue. Estimates vary, but published figures indicate that after 20 minutes the ability of even a well-motivated security guard to concentrate on a monitor screen drops by 90%. Mechanized observation not only eliminates human error but also requires a low ratio of monitors to cameras with attention being focused on known "hotspots" and previously identified issues. This technology also produces savings in review processes since less time is spent observing eventless footage and false alarms for which companies incur a high cost are minimized. Furthermore, expenditure on human resources is reduced dramatically since the proportion of cameras to operator is increased.

Distinguishing horse play from true aggression

A video analytics software suite can be "taught" to discriminate between movement that is abnormal and motion such as a swaying tree that is an integral part of the environment and not a threat. Thus, swaying foliage, which might need to be masked from the scene when using cruder systems, can be distinguished from salient movement such as an intruder penetrating a location from the same piece of wind-effected woodland.


A sophisticated video analytics suite can overcome occasional picture break-up and interference (known to video engineers as "noise") without producing nuisance alarms. Low levels of ambient light and varying weather conditions can also be accommodated by an analytics system that has been carefully configured. Leading analytics solutions use object tracking to evaluate individual objects and follow their movement. The technology's ability to chart the movement of a single suspect in a crowded scene through vector analysis is perhaps the crucial development that makes video analytics a viable and vital approach in public spaces.


Distinguishing aggression using audio analytics

It is in social deviance that video analytics holds out massive potential for central and local government. For many years, the CCTV sector's ability to provide security officers with almost limitless video footage has far outweighed the ability of operators to interpret that footage. High quality, intelligent video analytics has changed this, and a gamut of situations indicating undesirable social behavior can be assimilated and monitored by the software to generate alarms.