Jail House Phone Watch


Telephone conversations that take place in holding cells can slip through your fingers. This evidence is valuable to in-vestigators. They can be captured legally and with custody fully maintained. Designed specifically for community jails…not long-term detention facilities, the Jail House Phone Watch is state of the art electronic surveillance that helps increase your “wins”. It is like adding several detec-tives to your investigation staff.


Here is what you can expect:

  • Record both video and audio together

  • Searchable database including all telephone numbers dialed

  • Annunciated messaging caution that activity may be recorded

  • Messages in writing and voice, both English and Spanish

  • Monitoring capability with on/off switch so booking officer can protect privileged conversations

  • Output of video, audio and numbers called to substantially all digital evidence database systems

  • Persistent power plus battery back up

  • Additional cameras, microphones and other sensors available to customize the solution for very specific needs

  • Installation and training services provided with devices, provided by the manufacturer, Ollivier Corporation, or an authorized value added reseller located in your area.