Network Engineering


A security system relies on your computer network….and the devices (e.g. cameras, controller logic boards, intercom stations and credentialing systems) are peripherals on that network. Ollivier is a network engineering company that provides physical and network security. Our engineers hold degrees in computer science and have over 50 years of security experience.


Ollivier engineers hold computer science degrees in network architecture, software development and database architecture…and they have an aggregate of over 50 years experience in the security industry. This makes a difference and you should expect this from your vendor. “IT experience” is not a good substitute for “Computer Science” skills.


The difference between IT and Computer Science is similar to the difference between systems the interface and those that are integrated. Ollivier invests in the best preparation money can buy because we want your security system to be well designed and properly built…and we want the process to be predictable and repeatable for each and every customer.


Some systems and products provide true "integration" and other simply "interface" with each other. Ollivier will help you discern the difference. When we say systems integrate that means they share a common set of data and maybe even a common user interface. This is the ideal. Anything less, represents interfacing systems, which requires careful consideration of the risks and rewards when using these systems. Such risks tend to affect the total cost of ownership. Ollivier can provide valuable guidance in considering these risks…and the rewards.


The rewards are found in the relative robustness of the system. For example, your intrusion system may communicate alarms to your access control system and cause certain openings to change their status. This can be achieved via the interfacing of the systems with very little risk. Integration is likely the best course if you want changes made to personnel records by HR to change the access level or rights of those same card holders.


Ollivier is uniquely qualified in these matters. Let us begin, by discussing your business needs and security goals. We will use that discussion to prepare a technical plan for your IT organization. Together, you IT folks and our engineers will form a common vision and plan. Ollivier will prepare a statement of work, price and a timeframe, along with all of the information your organization needs to make a decision. Then, when you are ready, call on us and we will help you realize your business objectives and security goals.