Pharmacy Cabinets / Narcotics Holding Security


The narcotics cabinet in the pharmacy is very important real estate: Some pharmacies customers are so busy they access the cabinet every 10 minutes, throughout the day. At the same, this cabinet is subject to intense oversight and strict regulations.

Access needs to be easy and quick for the right people and it needs to difficult for the wrong people and at the wrong times. The business of the pharmacy cannot be obstructed, yet at the same time, compliance must be maintained.

Ollivier’s Pharmacy CabLock secures the narcotics cabinet in

Connection with any access control software, such as Lenel OnGuard, Software House C-Cure or others, and still enables the reliability of a mechanical key override.


Present card key here


Mechanical key override for back –up


We identified a very small set of off-the-shelf products, made by the best manufactures in the lock and key business, to create a solution specifically designed to solve the access and security requirements of the narcotics cabinet in a busy pharmacy. The requirements include:


  • No touch, wireless card keys
  • Instant unlock based on individual access rights and schedules
  • Automatic re-lock
  • Continuous power — 110 VAC—No batteries
  • Mechanical key override with automatic re-lock
  • Flexible access — by time, by days, by pre-assigned personal rights and privileges
  • Alarm notification via email, phone, text, or any combination
  • Optional features and functions
  • Video integration – records 20 seconds before and after access
  • Two factor authorization
  • Audit trail by person, by cabinet, by time, by day – Printed or electronic


Ollivier can deploy the Pharmacy CabLock to the existing security system or requirements of any industrial pharmacy.