Our Products

Ollivier Corporation has built a strong reputation, over the past 25 years and with hundreds of clients, in providing professional deesign, installation and maintenance of access control systems and video surveillance  solutions.  We continue to embrace the new digital forms of access control, digital cameras and IP Intercoms as they both operate on Ethernet and IP-based computer networks and communicate with each other and with the data stored on those networks.



Card Access


Ollivier Corporation is an authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the world's leading Windows-based card access control system, Lenel On Guard as well as SMS, S2 and others.


Intelligent Video


Video intelligence represents new functionality that is no readily available. You get more functions out of yor security budget.




Emergency Intercom, Mass Notification & Emergency Communications


When a voice message must be sent and received, the new standard is IP. Never has so much capability been so readily available than IP intercom and its full set of voice solutions.


Digital Video Recording


Digital video system are becoming the standard, replacing CCTV. They are reliable, cost effective and can address almost any security application and budget.




Alarm Intrusion Systems


Alarms systems represent the origins of electronic security systems. They continue to be integral to a comprehensive security system, especially a system that integrates physical and data security.


IP Video Management Solutions


Storing and managing video on the network is a key element of a successful electronic security program and can foster strong ties between physical and data security organizations.




Video Surveillance Solutions


Ollivier Corporation has designed the configuration and installed almost a hundred surveillance programs using high-resolution, fixed and pan-tilt-zoom cameras, dual color by day, black and white at night cameras, license plate recognition cameras, high-end specialty cameras, housings, mounts, matrix switchers, joystick controls, digital video recorders, monitors, etc.



Pharmacy Cabinets / Narcotics Security


Ollivier Corporation has originated a very small set of off-the-shelf products, made by contract manufactures to create a solution specifically designed to solve the access and security requirements of the narcotics cabinet in a busy pharmacy.




Jail House Phone Watch

Telephone conversations that take place in holding cells can slip through your fingers. This evidence is valuable to in-vestigators. They can be captured legally and with custody fully maintained. Designed specifically for community jails...not long-term detention facilities, the Jail House Phone Watch is state of the art electronic surveillance that helps increase your “wins”. It is like adding several detec-tives to your investigation staff.




Warranty Programs:

Five Year Equipment Warrant on New Equipment

Three Year Equipment Warrant on Existing Equipment

Warranty with Service Labor

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