Project Management


It’s important to know what to expect when it comes to Project Management. Our Project Manager is responsible for our relationship with you (our client) and your satisfaction during the implementation and afterwards. To shed more light on this subject, please review our communication model, which is described on the Mission and Values page of this website, under the Company tab.


In order to ensure that our clients’ projects are effectively managed, we provide project managers who follow well-defined procedures to ensure the best possible outcomes in all cases. All of our project managers have experience and training in the following five key areas:



Our team has extensive experience in conducting site surveys and matching solutions to client requirements. All of our designs conform to relevant specifications and standards, and take into account performance requirements, outlet density, location, equipment, distances, ongoing services, existing infrastructure, as well as any other unique needs you may have.



Our project managers are well versed in defining project requirements and drafting detailed project plans against which progress can be monitored and objectives can be achieved. In the planning of larger, complex installations, we use trusted and proven project management software.



We have a long, successful track record of installing a range of cabling systems that meet, and often times exceed, set standards. Furthermore, the information issued to our installation teams is carefully monitored to ensure that the work meets client requirements in an effective and efficient manner.


Risk management

A major factor in the successful completion of projects is the identification and management of risk. The level of risk differs from one city, state, and country to another, between continents, and even between specific locations within the same relative geographic region. Regardless, we make identifying and managing potential risk a crucial and valued component of our work.


Completion, testing, and handover

At Ollivier we don’t regard any installation as complete until we have conducted testing of every single aspect of it. We also supply a record of test results, electronically, including drawings in a variety of formats depending on what is required to ensure that your equipment is prepared to run at its optimal level.