We Engineer Security Solutions

The solutions we provide and the convergence of security systems can include the following:

  • Access Control Systems running on the corporate network



  • Surveillance data running on the corporate network



  • IP Card Readers that eliminate cumbersome logic controller boards



  • Organizational Security Solutions



  • Master Plans, Governance, & Leadership



  • Operational Security Solutions



  • Executive Security Systems and Guard Force Integration



  • Design and Deployment of Integrated Security Systems



  • Video Surveillance Systems



  • Access Control Systems



  • Outdoor Perimeter Control



  • Intercommunications



  • Mass Notifications



  • Fraud Prevention at Point of Sale

Security solutions are multi-system integration projects designed to align with and protect your organization’s overall goals and objectives. Ollivier provides the expertise of CIO-level executive skills teamed with Computer Science experts and Electronic Communications Engineers, all of whom possess a deep understanding of physical security and IT systems, including data security.








Why Start Now? ... ... ..... ..... ..... .... .... ...

Even if you don't have plans today to integrate your physical and data security systems, you can bet that someday you will. Many of our current customers prepare themselves for that time by following our Roadmap to Convergence.


Once you accept the inevitability of convergent security solutions, we recommend that you make future purchases with that in mind. This avoids having to replace obsolete equipment in the future and, if you start today, it helps bolster a reputation for being forward looking and forward thinking.


Planning for tomorrow benefits you today.

There is no reason to not create your vision of convergence for your organization. Every security measure you need for today’s tasks and trials can be done with our solutions and security system convergence in mind. In the simplest of terms: you can solve today's problems by planning for tomorrow's requirements.


Ask an Ollivier professional to discuss your vision with you.