Online Learning Center

Have you struggled with the problem of training administrators on your Lenel OnGuard security system? We hear you....Having your integrator send a technician to your site is too ineffective and too costly. Sending your administrators to Lenel’s training class is too time consuming and too costly. That is a “yesterday” problem. Today, you have a new and better solution.....Online learning tools that include:





Online Video tutorials 5 to 12 minutes in length Professionally produced
Comprehensive library and growing Specific to administrative tasks Online chat support

Fully managed: Automated course listing; Automated notice of course completion; and Unified quiz results



Subscription pricing is $500 per year, for unlimited users Free Trial!
Access Control Titles include:




  • Add Cardholder
  • Replace Lost Card
  • Change Door Schedule
  • Modify Access Level
  • Trouble shoot Alarms
  • Prepare Activity Reports, and many more
Administrators: What They Want; When and Where They Want It
Short video tutorials are great for learning specific tasks...and are available when and where needed, for as many times as needed. Online chat assures immedtiate understanding and, for more complex understanding, there is good, old-fashioned instruction with our expert engineers...delivered over the internet. This is not certification” training, but learning built around the job administrators of security systems perform day in and day out.
About: ActivAdmin is an educational software publisher that provides web-based training solutions to administrators of low voltage systems such as voice over IP telephones, security systems, and other building systems. Ollivier is a network engineering company that provides physical security solutions. Ollivier is the US Master Distributor for ActivAdmin’s low voltage administrator training solutions.